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Child Pornography: International Legislation and India’s Stand

Child Pornography: European Union lawmakers, on November 22, reached an agreement to draft essential regulations aimed at identifying and removing online services like Alphabet’s Google and Meta that facilitate child pornography, a growing concern worldwide.

Social Media’s Misuse: A Global Concern

The misuse of social media and the prevalence of child pornography aren’t just issues concerning the European Union; they’ve amplified worries across the globe. In the current era, social media platforms have the potential to elevate someone to stardom overnight, but they also pose a grave risk of exploitation and disseminating inappropriate content swiftly.

India’s Alarming Situation and Legal Actions

India has seen a surge in concerns related to the misuse of social media and incidents of child pornography. According to the India Child Protection Fund report, the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a staggering 95% increase in the consumption of child pornography.

Government Actions and Legal Framework in India

The report sheds light on the actions taken by the Indian government to safeguard its children and combat heinous crimes like child pornography. Stringent laws like the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act provide for severe penalties for those involved in any form of child pornography.

Understanding Pornography Laws in India

In India, pornography is categorized based on explicit visuals or audio content related to nudity. Sharing, uploading, or distributing such content on social media or through any means is subject to the Anti-pornography law’s enforcement.

Legal Ramifications and Impact on Society

The legal framework in India, encompassed within various acts like POCSO, the Information Technology Act, and the Indian Penal Code, imposes strict penalties, including imprisonment and fines, for those engaged in or promoting pornography, especially involving minors.

Psychological Impact and Social Consequences

Psychologically, continuous exposure to pornography has adverse effects on children, leading to depression, anxiety, and affecting their social and personal lives. Experts also note that regular consumption of pornographic content can fuel unhealthy sexual desires and objectify individuals in real life.

India’s Challenge in Addressing Pornography

India faces the challenge of dealing with a society where sex education is limited, and information about sex primarily comes from friends or exposure to pornography. This results in children falling into the trap of developing a habit for pornography at a young age.

The Global Perspective and India’s Role

A global report highlighted that the majority of online child sexual abuse material (CSAM) originates from South Asian countries, with India leading the list. This alarming trend underscores the need for international collaboration and stringent measures to combat the proliferation of child pornography.


The issue of child pornography demands immediate attention, not only through legislative action but also by fostering a society that prioritizes educating children on healthy sexual behaviors and implementing robust technological measures to curb its spread.

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