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How do I become a social media manager in 2023?


How do I become a social media manager in 2023?

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Desk| A personal social media account is very different from managing one account for an employer or client. A successful social media manager stays on top of trends, platforms, and industry tools to schedule posts, monitor analytics, and do more to get clients.

Working in social media means embracing lifelong learning and adapting as the landscape evolves can lead to additional opportunities in online marketing.

In this article, we tell you the steps you can take to start your journey to becoming a social media manager in 2023.

What aspects of social media management are you most comfortable with? How does the content in your portfolio support the claims that you made to your clients? This section should reinforce everything you have shown so far in the respected field.

Close it with your contact information and a quick thank you.
You want to make it easy for prospective employers and clients to get in touch with you.
Include a few ways they can reach you and also include a note of thanks for their time and their consideration.

Keep in mind that your portfolio is not filled with professional work.

Social media manager

Passion projects and side jobs can also be a fun, practical way to learn how to be a good social media manager in this century.

Once you start preparing to apply for open roles, make sure you also know how to write a good CV in a format that highlights your new skills very appropriately.

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When you feel ready to start working professionally as a social media manager then your ability to market yourself as a personal brand will also help prospective employers and clients understand how you can market their products or services in a particular area.

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself in person to anyone, provide your card, and let them meet your brand face-to-face.