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Political Heat: Digvijaya’s Controversial Reaction to MP Loss Leaves BJP Fuming – Unraveling the Drama

Political waters in Madhya Pradesh are churning vigorously after a brazen statement by Congress legislator Phool Singh Baraiya in front of the Raj Bhavan. His bold act has escalated tensions, promising a showdown in the upcoming elections.

Baraiya’s Assertion and Its Ripples

Before the elections, Baraiya confidently proclaimed Congress’s triumph, casting doubt on BJP’s ability to secure even 50 seats. Should his prediction prove true, he vowed to humiliate himself in front of the Raj Bhavan. Recently, accompanied by his supporters, he revisited the Raj Bhavan premises, reaffirming his stance. “What I say, I do—I stand by my words,” Baraiya reiterated.

Digvijay’s Retaliation and the BJP’s Counterattack

In the aftermath of Congress’s defeat in Madhya Pradesh, when Baraiya appeared at the Raj Bhavan, party leader Digvijay Singh retaliated, painting Baraiya’s move as a disrespectful act toward the Dalit community. BJP, fuming at this spectacle, held Kamal Nath accountable for Congress’s loss, demanding Digvijay Singh to perform a similar act of self-humiliation. According to BJP, Digvijay Singh’s action amounted to an insult directed at the Dalit community.

Congress’s Offensive Against BJP

Meanwhile, Congress took a swing at BJP, criticizing their delay in announcing Chief Ministerial candidates in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh post-elections. They questioned BJP’s prolonged silence while highlighting their own swift decision-making process. Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh raised concerns over BJP’s delayed responses, contrasting it with the immediate queries thrown at Congress within 24 hours of similar situations.

The Timing and Fallout

Drawing attention to the sequence of events, Congress highlighted the appointment delay of Telangana’s Chief Minister within 24 hours of election results. This contrasted sharply with criticism directed at the Congress party. Notably, BJP secured victories in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan Assembly elections, while Congress emerged victorious in Telangana.

This political whirlwind in Madhya Pradesh, coupled with the exchanges between Congress and BJP, sets the stage for an intense battle of words and actions, hinting at a tumultuous road ahead as the political landscape evolves.

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