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Seeking Interns for Denik Akhabar Web Portal in Bhopal

Are you passionate about journalism, storytelling, or marketing? Denik Akhabar, an esteemed web portal, is on the lookout for interns to join our vibrant team! Located in the heart of Bhopal, we offer exciting opportunities in various roles such as:

Camera Crew Interns

Are you fascinated by the art of capturing moments and telling stories through a lens? Join our team as a camera crew intern and embark on an incredible journey of visual storytelling.

Reporter Internships

Do you have a knack for uncovering stories, conducting interviews, and presenting information in an engaging manner? Become a part of our reporter internship program and hone your skills in investigative journalism.

Marketing Intern Openings

Are you enthusiastic about promoting content, engaging audiences, and exploring innovative marketing strategies? Join our marketing team and gain hands-on experience in digital marketing and audience engagement.

Location: Bhopal

Contact Information:

  • Call: +91 93401 68252
  • WhatsApp: 8839516081

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