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Join Outlook Publishing (India) Private Limited as a Marketing Intern

  1. Introduction to Outlook Publishing and Outlook Money 40After40 – Retirement Expo

    • Brief overview of Outlook Publishing (India) Private Limited
    • Introduction to the Retirement Expo event in January 2024 in Delhi
  2. Role of a Marketing Intern
    • Responsibilities and tasks involved
    • Collaborative functions with sales and client servicing teams
    • Management of sponsor deliverables and campaign materials
  3. Qualifications Required
    • Degree in Marketing and essential skills
    • Emphasis on organizational, communication, Excel, and PowerPoint proficiency
  4. Work Experience and Opportunities
    • Networking opportunities and mentorship
    • Prospects of a full-time position and growth within the organization
  5. Application Process
    • Details on how to apply: submission requirements and email specifics
    • Highlighting the subject line for the application
  6. Stipend Information

Join Outlook Publishing (India) Private Limited as a Marketing Intern for the Outlook Money 40After40 – Retirement Expo (January 2024) in Delhi

Outlook Publishing (India) Private Limited, a prominent entity in the media industry, presents an enticing opportunity for aspiring marketing professionals to join as Marketing Interns for the much-anticipated Outlook Money 40After40 – Retirement Expo scheduled for January 2024 in Delhi.

Introduction to Outlook Publishing and Outlook Money 40After40 – Retirement Expo

Outlook Publishing stands as a stalwart in the media landscape, recognized for its insightful content and impactful publications. The Outlook Money 40After40 – Retirement Expo, an event meticulously designed to navigate the nuances of retirement planning, promises an enriching experience for attendees and participants alike.

Role of a Marketing Intern

As a Marketing Intern, you’ll delve into multifaceted responsibilities that bridge various facets of event management and marketing strategies. Working in tandem with the sales and client servicing teams, your role encompasses the pivotal task of orchestrating sponsor deliverables, ensuring timely deployment of campaign materials, and fostering seamless coordination with esteemed celebrity speakers.

Qualifications Required

To excel in this role, a degree in Marketing serves as a foundational requisite, complemented by a spectrum of essential skills. Proficiency in Excel and PowerPoint coupled with exemplary organizational skills and effective communication prowess form the cornerstone of this dynamic role.

Work Experience and Opportunities

Beyond the outlined responsibilities, this internship offers a dynamic platform for networking and mentorship, providing a springboard for potential full-time employment within the organization. The exposure garnered through active participation in the event execution amplifies the learning curve significantly.

Application Process

Keen individuals aspiring to seize this opportunity are encouraged to submit their resumes and cover letters to amit.rana@outlookindia.com. Ensure the subject line reads: “Marketing Intern Application – [Your Full Name].”

Stipend Information

The remuneration for this engaging opportunity stands at 10,000, making it not just a learning venture but a rewarding one.

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