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The end of Gaza is near! Heartburn videos of Israel-Palestine war


The end of Gaza is near! Heartburn videos of Israel-Palestine war

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Desk। The Israel-Palestine conflict is a protracted and geopolitical dispute with its origins dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It primarily revolves around competing national aspirations and territorial claims by Israelis and the Palestinians.

Tensions between Israel and Palestine escalated significantly on October 7 when Hamas, a Palestinian militant group in control of the densely populated Gaza Strip along Israel’s border, launched an unprecedented attack on Israel.

This attack tragically resulted in the deaths of at least 700 Israelis and there are concerns that the death toll may rise further as they are reported.

In response to this attack, Israel initiated retaliatory airstrikes on the Gaza Strip and declared a state of war against Hamas. Unfortunately, these retaliatory actions have led to the loss of more than 400 Palestinian lives and Israeli troops have been actively involved in efforts to dislodge Gaza gunmen from areas in southern Israel. This situation remains fluid and volatile with significant humanitarian and geopolitical implications. Now see those videos from the war battle in Gaza.