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Revamping Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir: Selection and Training of Priests


Revamping Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir: Selection and Training of Priests

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Revamping Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir: Selection and Training of Priests

Ram Mandir: In the heart of Ayodhya, the grand Ram Mandir nears completion, set to be inaugurated on January 22nd. The mission to select priests for the temple has gained momentum ahead of its unveiling. The Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust had advertised for 20 priests, receiving a staggering 3,000 applications. Out of these, 200 candidates underwent interviews at the Karsevakpuram in Ayodhya, from which the final 20 will be chosen. These chosen few will undergo a rigorous six-month training before assuming their roles as priests at the Ram Mandir.

Selection Process for Ram Mandir Priests

According to a report by The Times of India, the interview panel includes three members: Jayakant Mishra from Vrindavan, along with the two Mahants from Ayodhya, Mithilesh Nandini Sharan and Satyanarayan Das. Govind Dev Giri, the Treasurer of Ram Mandir Trust, shared that although some candidates were shortlisted, the final selection is pending. However, these shortlisted individuals will receive certification post their training and might be appointed as priests in the future.

Training Regimen for the Priests

The rigorous interview process tested candidates on various aspects of religious rituals and ceremonies, emphasizing evening prayers, associated procedures, and mantras. The selected candidates will undergo an extensive six-month training program at Karsevakpuram. A specialized religious curriculum will be designed for their education and spiritual grooming. Additionally, candidates will receive complimentary meals throughout their training, alongside a monthly stipend of 2,000 units.

Preparation of the Divine Throne

Simultaneously, the crafting of a majestic throne inside the sanctum sanctorum of the Ram Mandir is swiftly progressing. A three-foot high throne is being prepared for the consecration of Ram Lalla. The nearing reality of Lord Ram’s presence in the grand Ram Mandir has devout believers eagerly anticipating the completion of the temple construction. Notably, within the temple, Ram Lalla will be seated atop a three-foot golden-laced marble throne, measuring eight feet in length and four feet in width.

Where Will Ram Lalla Be Enshrined?

The magnificent throne for Ram Lalla is being crafted within the sanctum sanctorum of the Ram Mandir, where a statue of the five-year-old Ram Lalla will be installed. The groundwork for the temple’s basement will be completed by December 15th. Additionally, the work on the first floor is nearing completion. However, details regarding the quantity of gold, silver, or other precious metals used in Ram Lalla’s throne have not been publicly disclosed yet.

Unique Idol of Lord Ram

Artisans responsible for sculpting the idol of Lord Ram claim that the Ram Mandir will house a unique idol, unprecedented and unparalleled in its representation of Lord Ram as described in scriptures. Notably, this portrayal of Ram Lalla, unlike any seen before, will not be available anywhere else, not even on the internet. The artisans are meticulously crafting Lord Ram’s depiction, staying true to the descriptions found in ancient scriptures.

Additional Enshrinements

Apart from Ram Lalla, his younger brothers Bharat, Laxman, Shatrughan, and the ardent devotee Hanuman will also be enshrined within the sanctum sanctorum. Moreover, an image depicting Lord Ram as a child will also be showcased. Three different artisans are simultaneously crafting these idols at different locations, aiming for their completion by the end of November. The statue of Ram Lalla is set to be ready within a few days. Renowned sculptors across the country affirm that such a depiction of the idol has never been witnessed before.