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Modi Government’s Initiative for Justice in Jammu and Kashmir: Amit Shah Addresses Key Issues

The Modi government’s initiative in Jammu and Kashmir has drawn attention to multiple critical aspects. Amit Shah, the Minister of Home Affairs, brought forth a multitude of issues in the Lok Sabha, shedding light on concerns gripping the region. Addressing the contentious stone-pelting incidents in Kashmir, Shah emphasized a pivotal point: the removal of Article 370 was speculated to cascade into violent repercussions, yet, contrary to apprehensions, the situation has shown significant restraint. He boldly declared, “Let go of the rivers of blood; now, no one dares to incite unrest.”

Intriguingly, queries arose regarding the reservation for displaced Kashmiri Pandits. Shah firmly stated that granting reservation would echo their voices in the Kashmir Assembly, potentially deterring any looming displacement scenarios.

Shah delved further, highlighting the challenge of understanding the ground realities for those distanced from the roots. He pointed out the difficulty in comprehending the transformation in Jammu and Kashmir for those disconnected from its essence, akin to vacationing in England while remaining oblivious to changes in Kashmir.

Critically analyzing the Congress party’s approach to the backward class, Shah criticized their historical stance, emphasizing their obstructionist role in hindering the progress of this segment. He detailed how the Modi government extended constitutional recognition to the Backward Classes Commission after decades of neglect.

Diving into the realm of reserved categories, Shah spotlighted the neglect endured by the backward classes for over seven decades, pointing fingers at past regimes for stalling Kaka Kalelkar’s report and resisting the implementation of Mandal Commission’s recommendations. Contrary to historical inertia, the Modi government facilitated a groundbreaking 10% reservation for economically challenged students.

Shah didn’t shy away from highlighting the statistical decline in terrorism incidents during the tenures of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh compared to the significant drop witnessed under Narendra Modi’s governance. The data showcased a stark 70% reduction in terror-related events during the current administration’s tenure.

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