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Decoding the Mystery Behind the Wealth Surge – Dheeraj Prasad Sahu

Dheeraj Prasad Sahu, a Rajya Sabha member of the Congress party, has seen a rapid surge in his wealth. Cash holdings exceeding 350 crore rupees have been seized from his residences in Odisha and Jharkhand. Counting machines have fallen short in tabulating this immense cash.

Political Journey and Asset Surge

In 2018, Sahu was elected as the Rajya Sabha member from Jharkhand. At that time, he declared to the Election Commission assets totaling 34 crore rupees. However, since then, his assets have seen an astronomical rise, with bundles of notes discovered stuffed in his wardrobes. There seems to be no account for this sudden surge in wealth, prompting inquiries from the Congress party.

Breakdown of the Surge

Initially reported at 34 crores in 2018, Dheeraj Prasad Sahu’s assets comprised both movable and immovable properties. Among these, 20.4 crores were in movable assets, while 14.43 crores constituted immovable assets, including agricultural land and properties. His declaration included luxurious and expensive vehicles and jewelry worth millions.

Luxuries and Expensive Possessions

Sahu, in his affidavit, listed luxury cars like Range Rover, BMW, Fortuner, and Pajero among his possessions in 2018. According to the affidavit, he invested 2.5 crores in his family company, Baldev Shiv Prasad Sahu, and 2 crores in Baldev Sahu and Sons.

This surge in wealth raises significant questions about the sources and legality of the sudden increase, urging authorities to delve deeper into Dheeraj Prasad Sahu’s financial affairs.

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